Automated Data SolutionS

DR. Kelsey Joy LLC

OUR mission

Our mission is to help small business owners get a better handle on their own data through automation and custom reports. Data automation employs a combination of technologies and software systems to execute a range of tasks and processes associated with data automatically, eliminating the need for manual human interventions that can be error-prone and inefficient.


We will work with you to develop your own custom application/s to automate your data entry and reporting. Let us help you eliminate unnecessary data entry, have informative reports readily available, and even more depending on your type of data and goals. Once we have developed your new spreadsheets, applications, and procedures to utilize them, we will help your team set everything up and train your team. We also have options for our team developing custom training videos, if you want additional resources. We want to ensure solutions that we develop with you can be used effectively and efficiently.  


Contact us to start a conversation and determine if there is a way we can help improve how you use your data to inform your ongoing and future work, as well as your typical workflow with data and data entry. Let's work together to decrease your chances for manual data entry error by minimizing it and increase your understanding of your data through improved reporting.