Why work with our company?

We care about helping your company be more efficient and effective with how you understand and use your data. Our data solutions can help reduce manual data entry, reformatting, and analysis, as well as implement new systems for automated tracking data and emailing. Our process involves working with you to understand your current workflow and data, then determine opportunities to add automation, develop data solutions, and then help you implement them into your company. We collaborate throughout all steps of this process to ensure all the developed data solutions will be most beneficial for you and your company. Once we develop new applications, processes, etc. for you, we will help you implement them through effective training. Below we provide some different examples of solutions/systems we have developed for previous customers.

payroll, billing, and productivity reporting application (PC APPLICATion)

This project involved the development of a custom application for a therapy company with over 40 providers. The application was installed on employees computers for an assortment of functionalities to complement their current Electronic Health Record (EHR) system:

  • Payroll: Converts Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data to biweekly payroll reports to assign providers' varying hourly pays for different services. Prints primary payroll report (.xlsx file), individual reports for providers (.xlsx files), and bulk upload file for payroll system (.csv file).

  • Billing: Converting their EMR data into a billing required format for bulk upload to eliminate manual data entry. Converting weekly state healthcare reports to automate additional billing points that are commonly missed in the industry.

  • Financial Reporting: Analyzing services to visually display income sources, types of services, and overall growth.

  • Productivity Reporting: Converting weekly state healthcare reports for thousands of clients in their system to summarize their providers' performance, upcoming deadlines, and potentially incomplete data. These reports helped the team to decrease missing data problems and ensure more deadlines are met.

Figure above: This is a screenshot of a sample version of a custom application. In the image, each small box is a button that is clicked to run a different reporting function of their application.

Service Coordinator Case load Report with important deadlines (PC APPLICATION)

The above demo video shows a custom application with one feature to turn a state healthcare report into one summative report and multiple individual provider reports to track productivity, deadlines, data, and more.


* Note: All the data included in this video is synthetic (made up) data about fake clients with fake information.

certificate/license management system
(Google application)

This Google app script project entailed developing custom Google Sheets for a couple different healthcare companies for each of them to maintain their own list of all their therapists' certificates and licensing. We helped each team fill in the spreadsheet with the current list of providers and relevant dates, as well as trained them how to update and maintain it. The sheet has conditional formatting throughout to help the team monitor and maintain it. The custom Google Apps Script embedded in the sheet sends out emails to notify therapists of their upcoming due dates to ensure they complete all their required training and licensing in a timely manner. There are also additional emails sent to supervisors when deadlines become more urgent. These emails and timeframes are customized for each client. This appplication provides customers for an automated solution without a monthly subscription fee. Read more and see sample details in attachment (click here).

Custom Databases

Temporary EHR system for new program (Microsoft Onedrive & Google drive)

This database project was completed for a team that received a new healthcare related contract. They were in the initial phases of launching a new program for the contract they received. They needed a custom system to help them track their incoming clients, visits, billing points, and invoicing. The different EHR systems that they looked into couldn't fulfill their data needs. They started shopping custom software options, but found they started at over $60k. As a program working on a new state contract, these were not viable options. We worked with this team to create a working database in OneDrive for their program. They later transitioned to Google Workspace, so we worked with them to recreate the same database in Google Workspace. In addition to storing and organizing their data, the database offers an assortment of analytics to help them continue to assess reasonable workloads for their providers and viability of continuing this program. They now have over 1,000 clients (including active and closed cases) stored in their database. With no monthly subscription fees and this custom database, this temporary EHR system helped this team launch their new company. Our team also helped this team set up their more permanent EHR system with complementing custom applications once they had been established for a couple years.

temporary ehr databaseS for billing and auditing 

This client had about 10 years of health records stored through an online EHR system with a company that was bought out. In the buyout the company informed our customer that all their health records were going to be deleted/blackholed because they were creating a new structure for their database and future data. The format of their downloaded data of the 300,000+ client visits meant many searches and filters of some important data points was no longer feasible. I worked with them to create two databases for their data.

  1. Historical Database: A protected Excel file reformatted to make all their data accessible to ensure they had it readily available for potential audits.

  2. Temporary Working Database: An online database in Google sheets for the past 2 years of outstanding bills to document new invoices and payments.

In addition to these two databases, we worked together to analyze their data to find any places they may have missed billing over the years and different service codes to ensure the recreated health record was further improved. These analyses also helped them update their EHR system in the move to ensure future billing was not missed.